Human beings draw on the biophysical and social environments to produce the necessary sustenance of life. In such a sense, development cannot be reduced to mere economic transactions, as it should account for the well-being of people, not simply the maximization of their interests.

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The fact that education sows the seeds of civilizations further disguises what it is. In the broadest sense, education relates to all types of cultural information, including knowledge, experience, shared perception of reality, and technological knowledge. Nurturing the totality of human beings is what true education stands for.

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Political Science

Political science has one of its feet in the ideals of philosophy and the other in mundane of reality. The former is vague and the latter is crass. Tying them together promises an order that seeks justice and freedom; separating them drives us down the abyss of the art of the possible.

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Beyond their biological nature, human beings thrive through the realms of cognition, emotions, and spirituality. Only when we reject reductionism and expand our understanding of what constitutes human beings we can appropriately speak of psychology.

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To organize life, human societies developed social institutions, including economy, polity, law, education, and kinship, all of which are governed by a cultural system. Understanding social reality calls for a holistic approach that encompasses those institutions, the interactions among them, and the symbolic world that ties them together.

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It is often quoted that “science is built up with facts, as a house is with stones; but a collection of facts is no more a science than a heap of stone is a house.” It is more critical to examine the epistemological and ontological presumptions than the method of inquiry used to produce knowledge. Only when the underpinnings of knowledge are contemplated, theory building becomes a laudable endeavor.

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Curriculum Project

The aim of the youth program is to contribute to the upbringing of balanced young people who are motivated to live by and serve Islam and are equipped with authentic and comprehensive understanding of its principles and injunctions.

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